Tips for Paper Handling and Storage

1. Maintain Moisture Level

Mositure level is very important in maintaining the quality of paper.

In digital printing, the process of putting ink on the paper is governed by an electrical charge that attracts or repels toner, and the moisture level of the paper can affect that charge. In addition, paper that is too dry can build up static, which can cause pages to stick together and feed multiple sheets, creating jams on the printer or press.

2. Use the Original Packaging
The papers are already made with packaging to ensure that the paper will not damage until needed. 

It would be the best to not change the paper placement from its original packaging because we never know if the new placement suits with papers or not thus, will risk to paper damage.

3. Lay Paper on Flat Surface

Surface of laying paper affects the condition of paper.

Its really important to see where you place or lay the paper. Make sure to avoid the textured surface especially the "wired" ones to the point where the paper will be patterned. This will affect the printing or photocopying where the ink would not absorbed properly onto the paper surface.

31 May 2024